The Voice Notification Module adds the ability to deliver alarm notifications to users via telephone, using any SIP compatible phone system (common for VOIP systems). Messages are constructed in text and are delivered through a high quality text-to-speech engine. The engine supports multiple voices and languages.

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[00:00] Let's take a look at how we would set up a voice notification profile. Before we get started, we want to make sure we have a few things set up first. Since the voice notification profile sends spoken messages over the telephone using any SIP-compatible phone system, or VoIP system, we first need to make sure that we have that set up. We also need to make sure we have the voice notification module as well as a voice module installed on our gateway. A voice module can read text and speak it over the telephone using a text-to-speech engine and comes in many different languages. Once we have all of that set up, we can then come to the alarm notification profiles page and click on the create new alarm notification profile link. We then want to select the VoIP voice notification option at the bottom and select the next button down at the bottom of the page. We need to give our voice notification profile a name, I'm just going to call mine "voice". And then, if we scroll down, we can set up the connection to our system. First, in the gateway address property, we're going to put the IP address, or the domain name, of our SIP gateway. Mine is We then need to enter in a username. This is typically an extension of your phone system, as well as the password that we're going to use to access it. If we scroll down a little further, we can configure some of the call settings. Here, we can set things like the maximum amount of time that the call can take as well as how long the system's going to wait for someone to answer. Finally, at the very bottom, we can set up a connection to the audit profile that we have set up already. This allows us to log this alarm notification profile's events to the audit log, such as when any calls are placed, and when any acknowledgements come in from those calls. To finish, we need to click the button at the bottom that says "create new alarm "notification profile". Here we get a confirmation that it's properly set up and registered with our VoIP host.

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