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In this lesson we learn how a license can mark a gateway as "backup only", forcing it to a Backup mode.

Video recorded using: Ignition 8.0


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[00:00] In an earlier lesson, I showed you how to configure a redundancy across two different gateways, but I didn't talk about licensing. Now redundancy is actually a platform-level feature. It's not owned by one module, rather other modules utilize it. However, in a production environment, you're going to want a license on both the master as well as the backup, so you will need two licenses. The main reason for that is when a failover occurs, things switch over to the backup. If the backup doesn't have a license and the trial is expired, then none of the modules will run, which more or less invalidates the point of having redundancy in the first place. Now when you're purchasing a license from us, you do have the option to add on a redundant license, so it's basically a copy of the license you're purchasing, but it's intended for the backup gateway. I'm looking at my backup gateway here, which does have a license applied. If I look at the effective license, there's this backup true item that's being applied. Now in most cases, you don't really know, need to know what these details are or what they mean, but the backup one is kind of special in that it sort of marks this gateway as a backup only, so this gateway here can only ever be set to a backup mode in redundancy.

[01:18] So if I go to, under the Config section here, if I go to the redundancy page, you can see that mode, which is normally a dropdown, is actually just statically set to backup. I can't change this, and that's because of the license, because that particular license has been applied to this gateway. For reference, I'm going to switch over to my master gateway, which is licensed right now, you don't see the little banner at the top here, but I am free to change the mode. So when you're configuring redundancy, if you can't change the mode of a gateway and there's a license applied, it's pretty safe to assume that the license is applying a mode.

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