The Client Minimum Size setting controls when scroll bars are needed, and you can specify this setting in the Client User Interface section of the Project Properties window.

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[00:00] Components and clients will resize to fit within the available space of the window in the client. You can see my client here. If I were to bring in the right-hand side over here, that this edge, this little label here, shrinks in or stretches and grows depending on how large the client is, up until a certain point. Right about here, you'll see that I have some scroll bars. And if I make this a little bit smaller, the actual size of the component no longer changes here. This is because the client has reached the minimum size. Once this occurs, we stop resizing the components and place scroll bars on the client. Now the minimum size is customizable so lets' take a look at the settings here. I'm going to move my client off to the side first, just a second here. And in the designer, I'm looking at that same project. I'mma come up to the Project menu, go to Properties, and under Client, and User Interface, we can see the Minimum Size up here.

[01:01] Now if I were to make these much smaller, so I'll change my Width and my Height to zero, I'll click OK. And I will save and publish the project. Let me bring my client back over. We can update. Update again. And you can see I no longer have scroll bars. If I reduce the size of the client again, we can see that the component is also being resized. Furthermore, we will not see scroll bars because the client has not yet reached its minimum size. Now my docked windows, on the edges here, do have a say in the matter. If we bring our client to a size so small that it starts to cut in on to my docked windows, we will add the scroll bars. But the main lesson here is that when the client's width or height is smaller than the project's minimum size, scroll bars are added. When starting a new project, it is a good idea to plan for the minimum size your clients will be launched on and adjust the project properties accordingly.

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