The Client Minimum Size setting controls when scroll bars are needed, and you can specify this setting in the Client User Interface section of the Project Properties window.

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[00:00] In this lesson, I'll demonstrate how to configure the minimum client size for a Vision project. I currently have a client open, and if I drag and resize the window, you'll notice that the components will move around and resize along with the window. However, there's a certain point where that stops happening and scroll bars will appear. This is because I've reached the minimum client size. To show how to configure this, I'll swap over to my designer. This setting is found in the project properties, so I'll open up that window real quick. Then under the Vision section of properties, I'll click User Interface and it can be found right here. There's actually two properties here for the minimum width and height, and you can see that they're currently set to 800 and 600 respectively. That means that the scroll bars appeared once I resize my vision window to be below 800 by 600. I'll change these both to zero and we'll test the behavior in the client. I'll quickly save the project and then I'll head over to my client and now when I drag and resize components will continue to shrink and I won't see any scroll bars.

[01:08] There is one exception to this and it has to do with docked windows. Once resizing, the window cuts into the docked window, scroll bars will still appear to preserve the size of the docked window. You can see that this starts to happen with my north docked window. If I cut into the height of it. Aside from that exception, the main point is that shrinking a client window below that client minimum size causes scroll bars to appear. It's a good idea to plan for what you expect the minimum client size to be based on the screens that will be viewing your project and design your project around that.

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